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Alpine Leasing endeavours to project mileage and usage of the vehicle, however, our projections are based on estimates from
the customer. If, at anytime during the agreement, it becomes apparent that the original estimate of the usage of the vehicle in
terms of the contract period and/or the estimated distance to be traveled was incorrect, the fleet owner may ask for the terms
of the contract to be revised. This adjustment may be to the period of the contract, distance traveled or both and can be either
up or down as circumstances require. Alpine Leasing will monitor the actual usage of vehicles, relative to the budgeted usage,
on an ongoing basis and where applicable, will restructure contracts after communication with the fleet owner.

All vehicles on a Full Service Lease are required to be comprehensively insured for the period of the agreement.
Competitive insurance policies can be organised through Alpine Leasing.
Circumstances may change within a fleet and to keep it cost-effective,
it may become necessary to renew agreements before the end of the
agreement period. Alpine Leasing will accommodate early renewals,
whether it is to negotiate a favourable settlement for a vehicle that
has been stolen or destroyed or to negotiate a settlement price at
which the contract can be shortened and the vehicle replaced.