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leasing opportunities
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When you lease, you only pay for the portion of the vehicle’s worth that you anticipate using over the term of the lease.
You can opt to:
With leasing, your budget forecasts can be more accurate and there is no risk to the company of not achieving the market
value on resale of the asset. When you purchase your own trucks, unexpected costs can arise at any time.
Of course, with financing you must pay the G.S.T. and provincial sales tax or the H.S.T. on the total cost of the vehicle
when the purchase is made. On new trucks and equipment this can be thousands of dollars. With a lease, you only pay
the tax as the monthly payments become due.

There can be some tax advantages to certain types of leases. We recommend that you check with your tax advisor
or accountant as to which type of lease would work best for your particular business circumstance.